Welcome to The International FemHack Vol.II

June 30 - July 2, 2023

Worldwide & Online

Keep on breaking the algorithm

Welcome to the second edition of The International FemHack: An international, female-only and online Hackathon for all levels of expertise and a series of conferences for all audiences by influential and talented women in technology.

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About the female-only hackathon

Compete & network with hiring companies

Hackathon participants will have to solve the challenges using Frontend, Backend and Data Science modalities. The Hackathon will take place through NUWE's platform and in NUWE's metaverse.

In the metaverse, participants will have the opportunity to meet other developers from around the world and come into direct contact with companies looking for talent. In addition, there will be prizes for the top scorers.

The challenges will be completed individually and in groups and are suitable for all levels of expertise. From junior to senior, we invite you to participate!

To register for the Hackathon, you must click the button below and register through NUWE's platform:

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About the conferences

Listen to influential women in technology

During the three-day event, leading women in technology will give lectures about entrepreneurship, technology and more. These conferences will be open to all audiences and be available on streaming.

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